Judge: Mr. G HOLLEY

71 Dogs, 75 Entries, 21 Absentees

MINOR PUPPY DOG (4) 3 shown - 1 absent

1stMorynpark Rochester BPD
2ndFlintco Follow the Sun
3rdZanshin Red Flame

PUPPY DOG (1) all shown

1stCathaljay Mcnab of Maxstoke

JUNIOR DOG (5) 4 shown - 1 absent

1stCopperfield Cicero
2ndChanerin Sir Lancelot of Licassa
3rdJbzee Spice it up at Ricci
RESBulweilan Coolman of Noddstrickle

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG (3) 1 shown - 2 absent

1stBulweilan Coolman of Noddstrickle

MAIDEN DOG (2) all absent

NOVICE DOG (1) all absent

GRADUATE DOG (1) all shown

1stGaribaldi Lad

LIMIT DOG Dog (11) 3 shown - 8 absent

1stOne Thing and Another at Chalfs RBD RBIS
2ndJamemos Orient Express at Parkloren
3rdSyreshan Razza Ma Tazz

OPEN DOG (4) 2 shown - 2 absent

1stBournevalley Calico Jack of Licassa BD BIS
2ndCH Dajean Red Warrior

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (3) all shown

1stJennie Wren BPB BPIS
2ndMorynpark Dailas
3rdFlintco Hope and Glory

PUPPY BITCH (8) 7 shown - 1 absent

1stJudamar Sophisticated Lady
2ndAralders Baal Hill Dancer
3rdMascona Pandora
RESCathaljay Chloe over Molosser
VHCChalfs Miss Motown

JUNIOR BITCH (4) all shown

1stOldwell Joy
2ndBulcasimir Cassies Green
3rdJester of Jezebel
RESMy Mysterious Lady

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (3) 1 shown - 2 absent

1stOptimus Holly

MAIDEN BITCH (2 ) all shown

1stJenny Wren
2ndMascona Pandora

NOVICE BITCH (2) all shown

1stBaxters Girl
2ndCarsley Clear Crystal

GRADUATE BITCH (7) 5 shown - 2 absent

1stOldwell Forget Me Not BB
2ndAralders Ardent Dancer
3rdWyburn Phizz at Patchings
RESPrueworth Mixed Spice at Jbzee
VHCBaxters Girl

LIMIT BITCH (7) 5 shown - 2 absent

1stWyburn Nophe
2ndBrinscall Bliss
3rdJalanath Kissing the Pink
RESPrueworth Spice N Easy at Ricci
VHCBaxters Girl

OPEN BITCH (8) all shown

1stCH Copperfield Snuffle Toffle RBB
2ndDajoxx Bam Bam
3rdNaukeen Brodie
RESTartuffe Equisite of Mascona
VHCKataladian Foxtrot