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2008 Moorbull Captain Sunshine PI-ET-RA-Carman From Horseshoe Mrs Mary Cox
2007 Oldwell Adam Jagofpeeko Moorbull September Morn Mrs Margaret McNaught
2006 CH Rosco's Rough Diamond Optimus Charlotte of Oldwell Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews
2005 Sundabish Luka CH Dreadnot Nearly An Angel Mr Des Manton
2004 CH Bulcasimir The Greenkeeper CH Dreadnot Nearly An Angel Mrs R Higginson
2003 Coxellot Buttons And Beaux By Flintstock Dreadnot Nearly An Angel Mr J McCartan
2002 Gilflach Storm Nashbank Amelia Mr C Habig
2001 Murbisa Macauly CH Licassa Miss Louise Mrs S Cox
2000  CH Optimus Major CH Flintstock Prima Donna Of Brinscall Mrs C Beans
1999 Cheval Constant Dreamer Cheval Naughty Nora at Chalfs Mr W Scott
1998 CH Dixson of the Green Pryderi Koliai of Oldwell Mrs G Roach
1997 CH Dixson of the Green CH Pryderi Simasana Mr W Newton
1996 Hurry Vom Frankental of Jobull Todomas Penelope Dr. J. Clark
1995 CH Dajean Red Dragon Tomorrows Dream at Quillmyr Mr W Brittle
1994 Rakwana Oberon at Tartuffe CH Blazins Jubilation at Jobull Mr D Oliff
1993 Wyburn Justo CH Tyleoni Kiss the Bride Mrs S Reynolds
1992 Bryany Starboy Todomas Tamara Mr J Leeson
1991 Dark Prince of Pitmans Todomas Yvonne Mr D Price
1990 Bevis of Bunsoro Colom Collette Mr G Blount
1989 Boomerang of Naukeen Colom Collette Mr D Podd
1988 Boomerang of Naukeen Lady Marona of Pitmans Mrs D Woods
1987 Naukeen Thunder Bryany Bullette Mrs M Qualters
1986 CH Sharwell Mean Mr Mustard of Pitmans Bryany Brunette Mr E Hulme
1985 CH Naukeen Major Kew Of Eastlynn Sylvia of Oldwell Mrs D Blount
1984 Naukeen Daniel Naukeen Melody of Dreadnot Mr G Blount
1983 Naukeen Thunder Todomas Tamar Mr S Ford
1982 Copperfield Sampson Coombelane River Worle Mrs B Colliass
1981 Yoric of Oldwell Star of Oldwell Mrs B Lucas
1980 Colom Jumbo CH Crystal of Oldwell Mr w E Leedham
1979 Purston Harvest Gold Crystal of Oldwell Mrs D Blount