Judge: Mr B Cadogan

70 Dogs, 88 Entries, 24 Absentees

I enjoyed the day very much, friendly atmosphere and a nice welcome from the officers and committee; the entry was mixed but interesting and challenging, and I thank the exhibitors for the chance to go over their dogs.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (3) 1 shown - 2 absent

1stRicci Tu8 month brindle, has a well shaped head that has room to develop, dark eye, well pigmented, enough bone with well arched tight feet, pleasing top line, moved out well if a little close behind as yet, promising.

PUPPY DOG (7) 5 shown - 2 absent

1stBrynfaw Kop That At Jaynos BPIS10 month red/fawn, scores in head, strong bite, good front, bone and feet, short back with good topline, moves out soundly and positive, this youngster impressed me very much and must have a very good future in front of him.
2ndJenmore Hearthrob11 months, large square head, good front and bone, nice body depth, just needs to firm up all round which shows in his movement.
3rdBurlton Buccaneer At Serinos
RESJoybull Pin Ball Wizard
VHCDanmaurn Storm Rider

JUNIOR DOG (8) 7 shown - 1 absent

1stOldwell Hornblower17 month fawn, not a big one but well balanced, liked his head which is is of good size and nicely squared of with well set ears, eye shape and colour is pleasing, clean front and bone with tight feet, outline is good, moved out soundly with drive, quality.
2ndRodekes Wellington At Jalanath16 month red, better in size than one but not the angulation behind or so positive on the move, impressive head, good front and bone, well ribbed back with pleasing outline, one I liked very much just needs to firm up to go onto better things
3rdMurbisa Rocky
RESWherewithal Jasper
VHCSerirnos Prince Lionheart

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG (7) 6 shown 1 absent

1stRoyal Red Rambler RBDEye catching red, liked his headof good size and shape, dark well set eye, strong neck with clean front, nice bone and feet, width of chest good, nicely ribbed back, falls away a little over the croup and a shade more angulation would improve, but his movement is sound and positive, one for the top.
2ndOldwell BuglarFawn, liked his jead, well pigmented, good front and feet, not the body of one and not so firm in top line, moved well.
3rdJudamar The Gladiator
RESLlansanor Red Shadow At Poctters
VHCSerirnos Prince Lionheart

MAIDEN DOG (1) 1 shown

1stCeetee Tazmanian TigerLight brindle, liked his head and eye with good bite, clean front and bone, needs to drop a little in brisket, good outline, moved out soundly.

NOVICE DOG (4) 3 shown - 1 absent

1stMurbisa RockyDark Brindle, pleasing head and eye, a little pinched in muzzle, nice front, feet could be a little tighter, outline good and moved out well.
2ndBadina Clansmen Of BurltonFawn, a shade narrow all through, pleasing head of good shape, straight front, outline good, needs to come together on the move.
3rdLlansanor Red Shadow At Poctters

GRADUATE DOG (2) 1 shown - 1 absent

1stKenmillto Major Luke Of StokewillowRed, head a little on the oblong, scores in front, bone and feet, nicely ribbed up with good topline, moved soundly.

LIMIT DOG Dog (8) 5 shown - 3 absent

1stJamemos Orient Express At ParklorenFawn, liked his head shape and size, eye o.k, clean front and bone, would like a shade more rib, nice outline, reasonable angulation behind, moved out well.
2ndBogatyr Vintage Stuff Of BunsoroSlightly larger mould, well shaped head, eye could be a little darker, not quite the bite of one, overall balance good, reasonable angulation behind, needs to settle but a nice dog.
3rdChanerin Sir Lancelot Of Licassa
RESZanshin Red Flame
VHCAtlantia Qoebus Shadow At Ceetee

OPEN DOG (4) 3 shown - 1 absent

1stCH Bulcasimir The Greenkeeper BISSuper red, looks every bit a champion, pleasing head shape and size, scores in front, bone and and feet, nicely arched neck into good shoulders, body depth good and well ribbed back, good topline and quarters, really powers around the ring, a well balanced sound male in very good condition.
2ndMerignac Corniche J.W.Impressive well shaped head of good skull and muzzle width, not quite the bone and slightly narrower right through than one, has a good outline and moved soundly, quality.
3rdKenmillto Major Luke Of Stokewillow

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (5) 3 shown - 2 absent

1stRoco's Legally Blonde9 month fawn, promising puppy, well shaped head, clean front with ample bone and tight feet giving the impression of strength for one so young yet maintaining her femininity, moved true, should do well
2ndBullryan Firefly At AstonprideLight fawn of 7 months, nice pigment, looking very immature as yet, pleasing outline
3rdArrabel Sweet Honey

PUPPY BITCH (5) 3 shown - 2 absent

1stJoybull Heaven Scent BPBQuality fawn, 10months, lovely head of good size and shape, pleasing in neck and shoulder, straight front with with good bone and feet, short back with good outline, reasonable angulation behind, moved out with confidence, most promising.
2ndMerignac Te-TiareFawn, just under the 12 months, another that shows promise, pleasing head with clean shoulder and front, nicely angulated quarters, changing coats, moved out well, close up.
3rdTartuffe Sparkle

JUNIOR BITCH (9) 3 shown - 6 absent

1stBigan Beautiful17 months, impressive bitch of good size and substance, large head, would prefer a little dryer in skull, dark eye, good front and feet, well bodied with good outline, moved out well.
2ndTartuffe Just Desserts For Bulsal13 months, pleasing head a little finer all through to one, nice outline and moved soundly.
3rdKenmilitri Tanagra At Astonpride

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (5) 3 shown - 2 absent

1stBigan BeautifulSee Above.
2ndWyburn SummerRed, looking a little rangy, pleasing head of nice shape, dark eye, clean front, needs to body up, moved out o.k. if a shade reluctant.
3rdTartuffe Just Desserts For Bulsal

MAIDEN BITCH (2) all shown

1stJenbull Forever AmberDeep Red, nice square skull, dark well set eye, ears need to settle, good front and shoulder, moved out o.k.
2ndArrabel Sweet HoneySeven month pale fawn, good pigment, very immature as yet and needs time to come together.

NOVICE BITCH (3) all shown

1stJenbull Forever AmberSee Above.
2ndKenmilitri Tanagra At Astonpride
3rdSyreshan Diva Dee

GRADUATE BITCH (5) 4 shown 1 absent

1stHilderstone Mischief MakerLight fawn, liked her head, clean neck and shoulder, straight front with nice depth of body, when settled moved well.
2ndTartuffe Red Dawn At SerirnosSubstantial red, reasonable head size of nice shape, good bone and width of front, topline ok, a little slack in underline, moved soundly.
3rdWyburn Summer
RESSyreshan Diva Dee

LIMIT BITCH (7) 5 shown - 2 absent

1stMercury Rambler RBBThis bitch impressed very much for her head size and shape, super front, bone and feet, well ribbed up with good topline, carrying a little under carriage, a shade more angulation would improve, but her overall type and sound movement gave her R.B.B quality.
2ndLicassa Mis TiqueAnother quality bitch with pleasing head, clean front, not quite the width of one, well bodied and nicely angulated behind, though moves a shade close, nice one and close up.
3rdMornypark Tazmanian Devil
RESJudamar Boo Boo At Dajoxx
VHCOldwell Joy

OPEN BITCH (3) 1 shown - 2 absent

1stBurlton Jenny Wren RBISFull of type and quality, large square head with darl well set eye, good width of front with strong bone, nice depth of brisket and well ribbed up, moved soundly but not the drive of the dog in the challenge for BIS.