Judge: Mrs C Ambler (Cathaljay)

54 Dogs, 64 Entries, 25 Absentees

A very enjoyable days judging as the atmosphere was very good. The dogs were generally well presented and handled, which makes for a pleasant experience, but size gave rise to concern with some dogs.

MINOR PUPPY DOG no entries

PUPPY DOG (7) 3 shown - 4 absent

1stOldwell Bugler BPDFawn with good pigmentation and a dark eye, would have liked the muzzle a little shorter, but expression was still good, nice lay of shoulder, good bend of stifle but a touch long in the loin, moved well but a little loose, which I’m sure will improve as he “mussels up” with age and exercise.
2ndBadina Clansmen Of BurltonFawn of good size, nice square head with a good bite. Compact body with good angulation, moved well.
3rdKenmillto Major Luke

JUNIOR DOG (7) 3 shown - 4 absent

1stRoyal Red RamblerRed dog with good pigmentation, nice black nails! Square from all angles with good bone, but would like to see more width on the hind quarters. Strong head with good dark eye, tail a little short. Moved well.
2ndKenmillto Major LukeYoung Red lad, compact square body with good bone, would of liked muzzle a little shorter, but good bite, very good movement, but was not a happy boy, he could of shown better. Room to improve with age.
3rdMagny Crimson Beauty

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG (2) 1 shown 1 absent

1stMagny Crimson BeautyFawn dog with good head, would like to see a little more infill under the eyes. Has a very good bite. Good bone, but a little long in body. Moved well.

MAIDEN DOG no entries

NOVICE DOG (2) all shown

1stKenmillto Major LukeAs above.
2ndBogatyr LieutenantRed boy presented well. Square “cobby” body, but a little short in leg, movement was a little loose. Good expression and good ear placement, under shot bite.

GRADUATE DOG (3) all shown

1stOldwell ChristianFawn dog, a very happy boy showed well. A slow maturer which I like to see. Good head with good expression, good bite. Suare body with good width of chest and moderate angulation, would like him a little taller. Moved well.
2ndFerdhu Jack The LadRed dog with good pigmentation, Good head, nice dark eye but a little long in muzzle. Good body with substance, good width of chest, good bend of stifle, moved well but not with the drive of 1st place dog.
3rdSophley Gorgeous Geaorge

LIMIT DOG Dog (5) 3 shown - 2 absent

1stZanshin Red Flame RBD RBISBrindle dog with very good pigmentation, good square head with dark eye and lovely dark mask, would of liked a little more wrinkle. Strong square compact body, good straight front, beautiful tight feet. Moved very well, would like this dog a little bigger all over, but he’s put together very well, “all male”.
2ndBogatyr Vintage Stuff Of BunsoroBig Red boy, square head, good width of lower jaw, compact body lots of bone, tail set a little low. Moved well, but not with the drive of 1st place dog.
3rdOldwell Hugo

OPEN DOG (4) 1 shown - 3 absent

1stCH Ferdhu Rostar BD BISRed dog, stood alone but worthy winner. Strong head square from every angle, dark well placed eye, correct ear set, wide jaw with good bite. Strong neck, Square compact body with plenty of bone, good width of chest and nice lay of shoulder. Good bend of stifle, strong rear end. Moved with drive and purpose.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (2) all shown

1stTartuffe Just Deserts For BulsalFawn girl with a good square head, good width of lower jaw and good bite, nice expression. Compact Body, good tail set, well angulated, moved well for her age.
2ndKenmilltri TanagraFawn, tall girl nice head but not as strong as 1st place dog, lean body that will look better with maturity, a little long in back, good tail set. Good angulation, moved well.

PUPPY BITCH (8) 5shown - 3 absent

1stBunsoro Over The Moon BPBrindle, strong square head, level bite, good pigmentation, young girl with powerful solid body, correct tail set, correct angulation fore and rear, moved with purpose and drive.
2ndBadina Holly Of BurltonRed, a little on the small side, would like her a little bigger all over, but a nicely balanced bitch, nice square head with alert expression, lots of pigmentation, compact square body, correct angulation fore and rear, moved well.
3rdLicassa Lady Eloise
RESBigan Beautiful
VHCOldwell Kiri

JUNIOR BITCH (6) 2 shown - 4 absent

1stMagny Cotswold Queen At MachajaxFawn, alert expression, well placed teeth with good bite, compact body, good width of chest, well placed shoulders, good bend of stifle, moved well.
2ndWyburn SummerRed, good pigmentation, a little plain in head, would like a little more wrinkle, good bite, little long in body, good tail set, moved very well.

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (2) 1 shown - 1 absent

1stMagny Cotswold Queen At MachajaxAs above.

MAIDEN BITCH (3) 2 shown - 1 absent

1stRed Ruby Of BurltonFawn, strong, square head, well placed ears, correct bite, good pigmentation, compact body, well angulated, moved well.
2ndWyburn SummerAs above.

GRADUATE BITCH (5) 4 shown 1 absent

1stMagny Cotswold Queen At MachajaxAs above.
2ndSyreshan Diva DeeAs above.
3rdJenbull Forever Amber
RESSundabish Mississippi

LIMIT BITCH (1) 1 shown

1stMascona Pandora BBFawn, good pigmentation, would like her head a little stronger, nice dark well placed eye, correct ear placement, body square and well developed, good width and depth of chest, correct lay of shoulder, beautiful straight front, good bend of stifle, beautiful “catlike” feet, moved free and easy. Not a happy girl today, but well deserved 1st place.

OPEN BITCH (6) 2 shown - 4 absent

1stMercury Rambler RBBFawn, strong head, good bite, well placed dark eye, square body with good bone, excellent wide straight front , good tail placement, little straight in stifle, tight feet, moved well.
2ndBurlton Jenny WrenFawn, square head, good ear set, dark eye, wide lower jaw, good bone, square compact body, good front, but preferred 1st’s, good bend of stifle, good tail set, moved well.