Judge: Mrs R Higginson (Rodekes)

100 Dogs, 105 Entries, 34 Absentees

Although I was pleased with the quality of the winners, I found that we are losing the the depth of quality in our breed. There are to many puppies being sold as show quality when they are obviously pets. We cannot put all the blame on the breeders when judges are rewarding these dogs that do not fit the standard, so why aim to breed better stock. Dentition does not seem very high on the agenda, weak and even collapsed pasterns are getting the norm instead of the exception, undersize is being ignored, there is no room in our breed for nervousness but it is being excused, all these faults have been rewarded with top honours in the last twelve months. Surely it is time that judges read the standard and judged to it instead of looking for their next C.C. judging appointment or being afraid to offend their influential friends. Perhaps then there will be more Bullmastiffs that look like bullmastiffs and less that look like any variety mishape. The Bullmastiff is a noble breed suffering because of peoples greed and incompetence. (there goes my chance of judging again). May I add that this does not reflect on many of the dogs I judged it is something I have been observing for quite some time.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (6) 5 shown - 1 absent

1stSerirnos Sir Lionheart BPGood mouth ear carriage dark eyetight feet moved well can see bright future for him.
2ndMorynpark Real McCoy At ActivorNice head and body still very much a baby compared to 1 loose on the move.
3rdAtlantia Top Gun At Trebad
RESAlfie Moon At Ultraglen
VHCBramarley Ned

PUPPY DOG (3) 2 shown - 1 absent

1stSerirnos Sir LionheartAs Above.
2ndRicci TuGood colour brindle nice spring of rib good bone well balanced but not the motovation of 1.

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG (4) 3 shown - 1 absent

1stBadina Clansmen Of BurltonCompact overall good head dark eye straight front tight feet moved well.
2ndMurbisa RockyNice head good ear placement dark eye did not move as good as 1 need to strengthen pastern.
3rdWherewithall Jasper

GRADUATE DOG (3) 1 shown - 2 absent

1stEmperor Sirius Of MansNice head strong neck level topline moved well.

POST GRADUATE DOG (5) 3 shown - 2 absent

1stFlintstock Pal JoeyGood head strong neck level topline nice angulation moved well.
2ndHilderstone Boss TAFCompact dog good head and neck straight front good width of flank did not move as good as 1.
3rdCeetee Tazmanian Tiger

MID LIMIT DOG Dog (5) 3 shown - 2 absent

1stJudamar The GladiatorVery well constructed good shoulder placement level topline strong hindquarters tight feet excellent mouth move with drive.
2ndZoold's Big Boppa Of StonegladGood head and muzzle straight front not so firm in muscle as 1.
3rdRoyal Red Rambler
RESBogatyr Vintage Stuff Of Bunsoro

LIMIT DOG Dog (4) 3 shown - 1 absent

1stJamemos Orient Express At ParklorenGood Head dark eye good width and depth of chest firm topline moved well.
2ndBrynfaw Go For ItNice head straight front good with of flank did not move as free as 1.
3rdAtlantia Qoebus Shadow At Ceetee

OPEN DOG (9) 5 shown - 4 absent

1stCH Bulcasimir The Greenkeeper CC RBISExcellent size and body straight front head and muzzle correct to standard good bite dark eye strong neck level topline firm hind quarters moved with ease.
2ndFerdhu Hudson RCCA well balanced dog with good bone strong head and neck level topline shown in firm condition.
3rdBramarley Jasper
RESCH Alkenrow Backdraft
VHCCH Dreadnot Gabriel

VETERAN DOG (2) all shown

1stCH Brookmead MarcusIn excellent condition for age strong head muzzle and neck well placed shoulders level topline move with ease excellent temprement a pleasure to judge could show younger dog how its done.
2ndKingsreach James Barrie Via Ultraglen

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (13) 9 shown - 4 absent

1stJudamar Calendar Girl BPBGood size and balance square skull, dark eye, good bite, straight front, sound mover.
2ndDajoxx Je Ne Sais QuoiVery feminine looking puppy dark eye good ear carriage showing lovely expression, moves with ease very well handled not quite the substance of 1.
3rdLeyrigg Strike A Pose By Ferdhu
RESBramarley Nell By Flintstock
VHCAtlantia Changes At Trebad

PUPPY BITCH (5) all shown

1stDajoxx Je Ne Sais QuoiAs Above.
2ndRosco's Legally Blonde
3rdArrebel Sweet Honey
RESJudamar Classy Chassis At Dajoxx
VHCBullryan Firefly At Astonpride

JUNIOR BITCH (10) 6 shown - 4 absent

1stJoybull Heaven ScentDeep Brisket, strong wide loin, nice head, dark eye moved well.
2ndFerdhu Hooza HunniNice size good head neck and shoulders lost to 1 on move.
3rdKenmilltri Tanagra At Astonpride
RESJenmore Sweetheart
VHCDewy Hyacinth

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (2) 1 shown - 1 absent

1stBunsoro Over The MoonNice head, good spring of rib deep chest powerful hind quarters.

GRADUATE BITCH (2) 1 shown - 1 absent

1stJenbull Forever AmberCompact with good width and depth of chest good angulation and spring of rib.

POST GRADUATE BITCH (5) 2 shown - 3 absent

1stMorynpark Tazmanian DevilNice head and muzzle, nice width and depth of chest, good topline moved well.
2ndFlintstock A Kind Of MagicGood head dark eye correct ear placement moved well but out of coat.

MID LIMIT BITCH (2) all shown

1stFlintstock Making Whoopee Of Stoneglad RCCVery well balanced, good bone,nice head, good bite strong neck firm topline and hind quarters moved well.
2ndMurbisa Escarlata At JenbullShowed well compact and balanced, dark eye, high set ears, moved well, but not the bone and substance of 1.

LIMIT BITCH (9) 6 shown - 3 absent

1stJudamar Boo Boo At Dajoxx JWSound balanced with very good movement level topline, straight front, good shoulder placement.
2ndBigan Beautiful JWSquare strong muzzle, dark eye, good neck, rib and loin. A bit sluggish on the move.
3rdFerdhu Heavenleigh For Braeaaron
RESColom Redibrek
VHCArrancraig Mystical Charm

OPEN BITCH (9) 5 shown - 4 absent

1stCH Dreadnot Nearly An Angel CC BISVery well balanced with good bone, square skull and muzzle, dark eye. Good reach of neck, good width and depth of chest, level topline firm hindquarters. Good angulation, moved well. A very feminine bitch full of quality.
2ndCH Mascona PandoraGood size with nice head and muzzle level topline, good hindquarter, moved well.
3rdCH Burlton Jenny Wren
RESOldwell Forget Me Not
VHCArrancraig Enchantress

VETERAN BITCH (2) 1 shown - 1 absent

1stTartuffe OvationVery good condition for age, little overweight but at 9 that's allowed.