Judge: Mr J McCartan (Guardwell)

133 Dogs, 137 Entries, 35 Absentees

MINOR PUPPY DOG (3) all shown

1stFlintstock Pal Joey
2ndJudamar The Gladiator
3rdWyburn So What

PUPPY DOG (11) 10 shown - 1 absent

1stMerignac Corniche BPIS RBD
2ndRoyal Red Rambler
3rdFerdhu Hudson
RESJbzee Rocco Fella
VHCMurbisa Luca

JUNIOR DOG (10) 7 shown - 3 absent

1stFerdhu Rostar
2ndWyburn Remarkable At Gardavie
3rdFerdhu Jack The Lad
RESDalbrae Toccata
VHCAtlantia Qoebus Shadow At Ceeetee


1stZanshin Red Flame
2ndParabulls Bulldozer
3rdBadina Major Morton
RESOldwell Christian
VHCBogatyr Vintage Stuff At Bunsoro

GRADUATE DOG (2) 1 shown - 1 absent

1stBogatyr Bonheddwr

POST GRADUATE DOG (9) 8 shown - 1 absent

1stChalfs Leroy Brown
2ndQuillmyr Red Cavalier
3rdHector Protector
RESTartuffe Megallan
VHCRicci Spice It Lucky From Carsley

MID LIMIT DOG Dog (2) all shown

1stJenmore Firestarter
2ndBrynfaw Go For It

LIMIT DOG Dog (17) 7 shown - 10 absent

1stCoxellot Buttons And Beaux By Flintstock BD RBIS
2ndRicci Got Some Style
3rdCopperfield Cicero
RESBogatyr Tsar Sultan
VHCJamemos Orient Express At Parkloren

OPEN DOG (8) 2 shown - 6 absent

1stAlkenrow Backdraft
2ndBrinscall Hucklrberry At Evenstar

VETERAN DOG (1) all shown

1stCh Herguardian Roth Of Kaan At Cathaljay BV

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (6) 5 shown - 1 absent

1stSerinos Lucy Of Burlton
2ndWyburn Summer
3rdMoonbeam Flyer Of Finchwell
RESBigan Beautiful
VHCRicci Red Alert

PUPPY BITCH (6) 5 shown - 1 absent

1stFerdhu Miss Be Haved BPB
2ndMeitza Baby Bear
3rdJennys Winning Lady At Colkevar
RESEvenstar Billie Jean
VHCMorynpark Tazmanian Devil

JUNIOR BITCH (9) 8 shown - 1 absent

1stEvenstar Victorius
2ndJudamar Boo Boo At Dajoxx
3rdCathaljay Lucilla For Knightmyst
RESFerdhu Heavenleigh for Braeaaron
VHCBig Emm

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (4) 3 shown - 1 absent

1stZapheno Tilly
2ndMiss Daisy At Keeprsguard
3rdEvenstar Billie Jean

GRADUATE BITCH (4) 3 shown - 1 absent

1stCreme Da La Creme Of Evenstar
2ndJenbull Forever Amber
3rdTaurleone Vittoria

POST GRADUATE BITCH (11) 7 shown - 4 absent

1stArrancraig Enchantress
2ndRicci Rose Royce From Carsley
3rdDreadnot Guardian Angel
RESAston Penny Pitstop
VHCMiss Daisy May At Keepersguard

MID LIMIT BITCH (4) all shown

1stOldwell Joy
2ndTruely Tabbitha At Jenmore
3rdWyburn Nophe
RESColom Timber

LIMIT BITCH (6) all shown

1stDreadnot Nearly An Angel BB BIS
2ndChalfs Miss Motown
3rdMascona Pandora
RESJudamar Sophisticated Lady
VHCCathaljay Chloe Over Molosser

OPEN BITCH (13) 8 shown - 5 absent

1stCh Optimus Holly RBB
2ndCh Brogalan Solo Of Oldwell
3rdOldwell Forget Me No
RESAshton Lundy
VHCBurlton Jenny Wren

VETERAN BITCH (3) 1 shown - 2 absent

1stTartuffe Ovation