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Judge: Mrs. SUSAN COX

163 Dogs, 170 Entries, 78 Absentees

MINOR PUPPY DOG (7) 5 shown - 2 absent

1stJbzee Spice it up at Ricci BPIS9 months quality brindle, excellent square head, dark oval eye, good mouth & square body, moved well with straight topline.
2ndDreadnot Gabriel9 months r/f with good square head, dark oval eyes, excellent mouth, moved well & with level topline, plenty of bone.
3rdHector Protector
RESBulweilian Cool Man of Noddstrickle
VHCBulweilian Rumpus

PUPPY DOG (2) all shown

1stBrinscall BarnumBig red square head, excellent front & good bone, stood square and moved with drive.
2ndRambling BearFawn good front & arch of neck, moved with drive.

JUNIOR DOG (4) all shown

1stTartuffe CamelopardalisLovely compact red, dark oval eye, lovely square head, deep chest, moved with drive & straight topline.
2ndJenmore FirestarterNice red, good chest, moved well
3rdGardavie The Gunner
RESOwen the Red Velvet Lad

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG (7) 5 shown - 2 absent

1stMurbisa Macaulay BISExcellent red, square in all directions, beautiful square head, expressive dark oval eyes, good bone, strong quarters producing movement with drive.
2ndTartuffe CamelopardalisLovely compact red, dark oval eye, lovely square head, deep chest, moved with drive & straight topline.
3rdBogatyr Tsar Sultan
RESApollo’s Return
VHCMorejoy Pearly King at Ceetee

GRADUATE DOG (6) 4 shown - 2 absent

1stPilmuir BachusRed, moved a treat with straight topline, dark eye, bit on the small side.
2ndArrancraig Murphy’s LawFawn moved well with straight topline.
3rdBulweilian Marcus
RESKeepersguard Flynn

POST GRADUATE DOG (11) 4 shown - 7 absent

1stJamemos Orient Express at Parkloren
2ndRedanix Falchion at Luconevar
3rdRicci Headmaster
RESBogatyr Nutkraker of Bunsoro

MID LIMIT DOG Dog (5) 4 shown - 1 absent

1stDajean Red Warrior JW
2ndSyreshan Razza ‘Ma’ Tazz
3rdMovern Laurence
RESKandu Major Bill of Bunsoro

LIMIT DOG Dog (17) 10 shown - 7 absent

1stWyburn Obbie RBD
2ndCattania Behenryum
3rdSyreshan Heir Apparent
RESStelph Little Lad from Harbull
VHCFoster Apricot & Cream

OPEN DOG (13) 6 shown - 7 absent

1stCh Humeston Tartan Terror
2ndFlintstock Mad About the Boy
3rdTroumaca Pinta
RESGerm.Int.Eng Ch Torneto Vom Frankental
VHCCh Opitimus Major


MINOR PUPPY BITCH (10) 5 shown - 5 absent

1stTartuffe Electra
2ndBulcasimir Cassies Green
3rdDreadnot Guardian Angel
RESDreadnot Nearly An Angel
VHCLady Rockstar

PUPPY BITCH (7) 3 shown - 4 absent

1stMovern Olathe BPB
2ndBrinscall Bliss
3rdTroumaca Gypsy Rose
RESDreadnot Guardian Angel

JUNIOR BITCH (15) 9 shown - 6 absent

1stTruly Tabbitha at Jenmore/td>
2ndNashbank Amelia
3rdAralders Ardent Dancer
RESOptimus Holly
VHCJalanath Kissing the Pink

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (8) 2 shown - 6 absent

1stMurbisa Chance
2ndDalbrae Catriona

GRADUATE BITCH (5) 1 shown - 4 absent

1stCadenham Breitling

POST GRADUATE BITCH (9) 4 shown 5 absent

1stMurbisa Escalarta at Jenbull
2ndJenmore Firefly
3rdJoncarl Penelope at Harbull
RESHumeston Morgan Spice of Badina

MID LIMIT BITCH (3) 2 shown - 1 absent

1stBogatyr Asrael
2ndHilderstone True Companion

LIMIT BITCH (18) 8 shown - 10 absent

1stStelph Lady Annabelle
2ndDreadnot Highland Melody
3rdWyburn Nophe
RESTartuffe Pilmuir Awesome JW
VHCDajoxx Bam Bam JW

OPEN BITCH (14) 9 shown - 5 absent

1stCH Licassa Miss Louise BB & RBIS
2ndNaukeen Brodie RBB
3rdHilderstone Missie Mischief
RESKenex Miss Molly of Badina
VHCZammit Rare Onyx

VETERAN BITCH (5) 2 shown - 3 absent

1stTartuffe Eva at Bramarley
2ndTartuffe Heather at Pilmuir