Judge: Mr Steve Myring

75 Dogs, 77 Entries, 40 Absentees

Many thanks to the League for asking me to judge at the beautiful new venue, the venue is impressive on arrival and spacious enough to accommodate the dogs. My decisions were met with warm applause and I would like to thank the Committee and the exhibitors for the way they treated me on what was for me, a very special day. I am a very lucky man, I had some beautiful examples of the breed to go over today, thanks to all you exhibitors.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (8) 5 shown - 3 absent

1stStone Glad Madness8 mths. A well made puppy, pleasing expression, correct head, good width of chest, strong in body, well angulated, correct feet, strong hocks good second thigh, there was a lot to like about this boy
2ndAstonpride the OneASTONPRIDE THE ONE. 6 mths, Pleasant head, good mask, nice dark eye, good ear set. Good length of body, moved away well with no weakness, a little loose coming back on the front and just a touch nervous but other than that a nicely made puppy.
3rdAstonpride Eternal Love
RESBullhar Taye at Magnorfortis
VHCBunsoro Moonstar of Bullmeredith

PUPPY DOG (6) 4 shown - 2 absent

1stSundabish Kenzo BPIS10 mths. Flows well out of neck into correct top line, good width of chest, good head correct throughout , strong in hocks, good quarters, moving away he strode out well, and was straight on the way back, a class dog that stood out.
2ndAstonpride Eternal Love6mths. He was 3rd in the previous class, he needs to mature and I feel sure he will, he is still very loose but not far behind his litter brother who he finished second to in the previous class.
3rdStoneglad Rocketman of Benzak

JUNIOR DOG (6) 4 shown - 2 absent

1stEvenstar Ursa Major at Heriol RBD15 Mths, Good head throughout with a pleasing expression, A very fit looking boy, correct angulation in rear with a good stifle, a very carefree movement, it looks like he could work all day. He was on his toes and his body was toned like a prize fighter, he was handled very well by a very polite young man.
2ndPennymill African Mahogany at Ceetee14 Mths, Very well made with a very strong head and body, strong legs with a gentle turn of stifle, he really looks the part but his size lets him down when he moves, he moves pretty well when going away but coming back he is looking over loaded, I hope it’s as simple as that and by reducing his weight I hope it will bring him back to the fit power house dog he once was.
3rdMoorbull Captain Sunshine
RESGraecia Fourex of Torreyabloom

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG (1) 1 shown - 0 absent

1stZapheno Glyath22 mths, he stood alone , correct dark eye with a good mask, sound in body and good on the move, a very relaxed easy free movement and deserved his first prize.

POST GRADUATE DOG (3) 2 shown - 1 absent

1stRodekes Red Baron21 mths. Good depth of chest with a firm compact body, He moved away well but needs to tighten up, he also appears a little course but having said that he deserved his win.
2ndJalanth Flashman of Bacamba18mths, a stern expression on a good head, good in quarters but would have liked more all over. Away movement was good and so was coming back, he moved well, he requires more chest and more body all over but remember he is only 18 mths old.

LIMIT DOG Dog (9) 6 shown - 3 absent

1stTarleone Regalomento BD RBIS2 Yrs. Very well made dog with a powerful body, on the stand he looks like he is on guard. Good head with a nice dark eye, he looks the part on the stand and moves just as well as he looks, he has a beautiful strong top and bottom jaw, a powerful head and body he is everything I look for in a male and he deserved to be placed best male here today.
2ndFlintstock Easy Does it for TalbadanSubstantially good size,not the feet and straight pasterns of winner and his tail was flagging alittle high.I like his body proportions, well ribbed and muscled,and he too moved ok.
3rdGraecia Galahad

OPEN DOG (4) 0 shown - 4 absent

VETERAN DOG (1) 0 shown - 1 absent

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (7) 3 shown - 4 absent

1stStoneglad Solitaire8 Mths, Good front strong feet good quarters, strong hocks, no weakness in rear, pleasing head of correct proportions, powered around the ring with a driving action, a very strong bitch for one so young.
2ndBullhar Iciera7 Months, quite a tall bitch on the back end, top line is ok, sound enough on the move, pleasing expression and kept her composure well, was beaten by a good bitch.
3rdJenmore Sugar and Spice at Magnorfortis

PUPPY BITCH (8) 5 shown - 3 absent

1stStoneglad Vous Avec Talbadan10 Mths, strong head, correct mouth, good body, good in loin and ok in hocks, good second thigh ,moved soundly with a very good gait, looks very mature for her 10 Mths, overall a very nice bitch.
2ndStoneglad Shes The One10 Mths. Typical head, good eye, good ear carriage, good jaw, ok in body and good in hocks, on the move she was good, effortless movement and sound throughout.
3rdSundabish Matilda
RESSundabish Gloria
VHCFlintco Devil or Angel

JUNIOR BITCH (5) 2 shown - 3 absent

1stMoorbull September Morn17 Mths. Pleasing friendly cheeky expression, good front , tight feet, good head, flowing well out of neck into a good top line, good quarters with correct hocks, nicely made girl all over, away movement was good and so was gait, return was good and ear carriage on move was good , a very nice bitch for me to judge.
2ndFlintco Devil or Angel11 3/4 Mths. When this bitch came in the previous class I was convinced she would have been the baby of the class but it turned out she was the eldest in the class. She is very immature, she is in proportion all over but there really is not enough of her, she was not use to being shown but her young handler did well with her, she needs more ring craft but above all things this bitch needs a lot of time if she is going to make it in the big ring. I told the young handler this and insisted she came into this class so I could write this critique, she did not want to come back in but I insisted on her bitch coming back in for her to read what I had to say and I would also like to add, I’m sorry I made you cry in the previous class, please believe me it was never my intention, please forgive me but I have only told you the truth and I really did try and do this in a gentle way.

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (2) 1 shown - 1 absent

1stJalanth BridgetStood alone. 19 Mths, well made girl who is well balanced, good in hock, good in loin, strong second thigh, good width of chest for age, pleasant head, good dark eye, good mouth, nice mask. She moved well, free effortless moving on the front and signs of driving on the rear, moved well with handler.

POST GRADUATE BITCH (6) 2 shown - 4 absent

1stVondabull Siren Lady of Bullmeredith2 years, Dark Red, good mask, pleasant head, good tight feet, good in hocks, good shoulders, good depth of chest, strong bitch for age, on the move, she had a spring in her step a very easy flowing movement and on the move a very well balanced bitch.
2ndTarleone TalentoNearly 2 yrs, fawn bitch, well balanced, good body, nice turn of stifle, nice loin, good top line, correct feet, she was not to happy on the move and just did not seem to settle.

LIMIT BITCH (9) 3 shown - 6 absent

1stFlintstock Lady in Red RBB2 ½ Yrs red bitch with a nice expression, the first bitch I have seen today with a really feminine expression, a really pretty girl but having said that she is a sound bitch, strong though out and very strong in rear, the top line and the bottom line are both good, her mouth is correct and her head shape it spot on, her movement was sound, she really is a lovely bitch and it was a pleasure judging these bitches.
2ndForever Green Brightstar22 Mths, well balanced, comes out of neck well into good top line, good hock , very good quarters, good fore chest and good width of chest, good head throughout with a very famine expression , strong bitch viewed all over, moved very well both coming and going and an excellent gait, carried her top line well and also her ears well on the move, it was pleasure to go over her.
3rdWyburn Surprise Charm

OPEN BITCH (6) 2 shown - 4 absent

1stDajoxx Dazzling Diva of Bacamba BB RBIS2 ½ Yrs. Pleasing expression, a nice expression, a very good face,nothing over done in wrinkle, good head and body, fits the breed standard well, good tight feet, a very well balanced dominant bitch, on the move she can’t be faulted, she has won the best class of the day, she is something special in my eyes today.
2ndSundabish Lady La Roux JWNearly 2 Yrs, another nicely made B, good expression, good head, lovely ear set, feet could be a little tighter, good in stifle, good in hock, stands four square, looks the part, on the move did not move as well as winner, she was good on return but away movement cost her.

VETERAN BITCH (2) 0 shown - 2 absent