Judge: Mrs Mary Cox (Colom)

MINOR PUPPY DOG (7) 6 shown - 1 absent

1stJacmaly's Robin BanksWell-constructed brindle, difficult to fault, hope he does not grow any taller. BPIS.
2ndArdhub Mackenzie For BraeaaronA very promising red fawn.
3rdTorreyabloom Fosters Ice
RESCopperfield Brownlow
VHCSundabish Gigolo To Rosco

PUPPY DOG (4) 4 shown - 0 absent

1stBournevalley Sea Hawk Of AlwencourtBig fawn with a very good mouth, square head, cat-feet – I liked him a lot.
2ndJaynos Big BopperAnother big brindle puppy, good all round.
3rdBetalex Action Hero
RESArrancraig Ready To Rumble

JUNIOR DOG (6) 3 shown - 3 absent

1stNoxterra Knockout For Flintstock R,C,CA slightly smaller red dog, very evenly balanced. RCC.
2ndAlwencourt Gentleman JimA big fawn dog with excellent bone.
3rdRewba Lords Are Leaping

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG (7) 7 shown - 0 absent

1stZaviera's Heart Break KidBig red dog, big square head, good level Topline, good round ribcage and dark eyes.
2ndAstonpride Big RedAnother red fawn, lighter bone, but bones and true throughout.
3rdRicci The Full Monty
RESFowlerheights Sucumbios
VHCJessyjacks Boselecta

POST GRADUATE DOG (12) 8 shown - 4absent

1stChalfs Mister Bo JanglesEasily the best in the class. Good head and dark eyes, lovely expression, moved a dream.
2ndStoneglad MadnessRed with excellent bone, good rounded feet, bit square head, an honest dog throughout.
3rdOptimus Brutus
RESAstonpride Big Red
VHCJessyjacks Boselecta

LIMIT DOG Dog (14) 13 shown - 1 absent

1stMoorbull Captain SunshineA big clear fawn, very good construction, moved well, especially for size. CC.
2ndSharbons Jumpin Jack Flash Of JacmalyBig red dog, would like a slightly darker mask, moved with drive.
3rdCadenham Hendrix
RESFerdhu Im Your Man At Arrancraig
VHCCojavan Waydell Warrior

OPEN DOG (9) 7 shown - 2 absent

1stFowlerheight RastoAnother very good boned brindle, with black toe nails, lovely expression, square head, good dark eyes.
2ndCh. Casanieyer Dark Saxon Of Copperfield JWAnother good brindle, similar to one, good rounded feel, moved well.
3rdJbzee Redi-To-Go At Ricci
RESTaurleone Regolamento
VHCCh Brynfaw Kop That At Jaynos JW.ShCM

VETERAN DOG (1) 1 shown - 0 absent

1stJbzee Spice It Up At RicciStood alone, but deserved this place – very good happy boy, moved well.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (9) 6 shown - 3 absent

1stKyrle Brindle Night At RicciA very promising brindle bitch, moved well.
2ndMussendun Kali By ArdhubFawn, lovely puppy, but hope the colouring on the chest will clear with maturity.
3rdDajoxx Lulu Belle
RESRosco's Diamond Doll Of Phoria
VHCRosco's Hope Diamond

PUPPY BITCH (10) 7 shown - 3 absent

1stSnetts Grand LadyA good fawn, all-round good movement.
2ndDajoxx Lulu BelleRed fawn, good all-round, except for white nails.
3rdStoneglad She's A Star
RESSnetts Plum Masquerade
VHCSundabish Scandal

JUNIOR BITCH (17) 12 shown - 5 absent

1stRosco's Hot Chick JWA lovely red bitch, good all-round lovely markings, stood out in the class.
2ndJoybull Just So At ZavieraFawn and similar to one.
3rdGarmondsway Calinda At Moorbull
RESWilbullstaff The Succeeder
VHCCarmen Molosser Des Jardins Dl Atlante (Imp)

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (6) 6 shown - 0 absent

1stHyerdunscar's PorcheLovely fawn, good all round.
2ndLilley Lou Of FlintstockRed fawn, good mover, a little more wrinkle than I prefer, Otherwise good size and conformation.

POST GRADUATE BITCH (12) 8 shown - 4 absent

1stChalfs Laid Back RubyGood all round, red, pressed hard for the reserve challenge.
2ndJenmore Sugar Crystal Of AllwatchaBeaten by 1 as she has better head and feet.
3rdBrynfawr Numero Uno Via Jaynos
RESBunsoro New Moon

LIMIT BITCH (14) 12 shown - 2 absent

1stChalfs Miss Macey R,C,CAs I would expect, a good one from this kennel. A really lovely brindle, difficult to fault. Very little between her and her littler sister in the previous class. RCC.
2ndLil Miss Lady Marmalade Of UrbandreamA lovely red bitch, pressed hard to no. 1.
3rdJessyjacks Bodelicious Girl From Torreyabloom
RESMoorbull September Morn
VHCOptimus Chantilly At Patchings

OPEN BITCH (9) 4 shown - 5 absent

1stPi-Et-Ra Carmen From HorseshoeA really good fawn. Good size, in fact everything to like about this bitch. She was also handled to perfection. I was told afterwards than she comes from Hungary and has done extremely well on the Continent. CC & BOB.
2ndCh.Licassa Golden Grace JW ShCMUnlucky to meet no. 1.
3rdCojovan Lily Of Clee At Carminway
RESBrynfaw Kitnikabooble Of Jaynos

VETERAN BITCH (1) 1 shown - 0 absent

1stJenbull Forever Amber Stood alone.The owners can be very proud of her. Moved like a 2-year old. Excellent condition.
/tableFawn and similar to one.