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Judge: Mrs Margaret McNaught

tba Dogs, 136 Entries, 30 Absentees

I Would Like To Thank The Committee For Inviting Me To Judge And For Their Hospitality In Making Me Feel So Welcome, And Also To My Two Very Competent Stewards. Thank You Also To Those Who Entered Under Me. I Would Like To Make A Comment – Especially To Up And Coming Judges And Also To Those Who Have Been At It For Years – Please Have A Good Look At The Dog’s Mouths And Do Not Just Go Through The Motions, You Will Be Very Surprised At The Amount Of Scissor Bites We Have In Our Breed.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (9) 7 shown 2 absent

1stRicci Westwood RangerYoung Red Dog Of Good Size. Kind Expression And A Dark Eye. Level Topline, Especially On The Move And Well Off For Bone. Strong Quarters, Nice Angulation And Moved With Drive.
2ndZaviera’s Dazzling DynastyRed Dog With A Good Ear Carriage And A Dark Eye. Tight Feet, Good Hindquarters And A Well Developed Body. True Mover.
3rdDalbrae Allspice
RESKarmicly Reacher for Grallon
VHCDajoxx Ce La Vie

PUPPY DOG (5) 5 shown - 0 absent

1stCasameyer Dark Saxon of CopperfieldBrindle Dog, Good Shaped Head And Correct Ear Carriage And Dark Eye. True In Front With Good Feet. Level Topline And Well Sprung Ribs. Handled Well.
2ndZaviera’s Dazzling DynastyRed Dog With A Good Ear Carriage And A Dark Eye. Tight Feet, Good Hindquarters And A Well Developed Body. True Mover.
3rdFowlerheight Soucumbios
RESDajoxx Ce La Vie
VHCKabryns Talof the Titan

JUNIOR DOG (11) 9 shown - 2 absent

1stDajoxx Dr PepperRed Dog With A Dark Eye And Good Stop. Nice Reach Of Neck And A Good Spring Of Rib, Broad Back, Tight Feet.
2ndBadina True GritRed Dog Of Good Type And Bone. Dark Eye And Good Ear Carriage, Level Topline, Well Made Front And Good Spring Of Rib, Correct Topline On The Move.
3rdJenmore Freddie Star
RESCojovan Waydell Warrior
VHCKing of Scalebor at Garmondsway

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG (3) 1 shown - 2 absent

1stStoneglad TravisFawn Dog With A Dark Eye And Correct Ear Carriage. Nicely Placed Shoulder Onto A Strong Back. Correct Tail Carriage And Length, Moved Soundly.

POST GRADUATE DOG (11) 8 shown - 3 absent

1stEvenstar Ursa Major at HeriolRed Dog With A Good Head And Nice Stop, Dark Eye And Good Ear Carriage With Good Depth Of Muzzle. Nice Spring Of Rib, Very Light On The Move And Looked Good In Profile.
2ndOptimus BrutusFawn Dog With A Square Head And Dark Eye, Good Stop And Has A Nice Expression. Short Coupled, Good Bend Of Stifle. Overall A Very Nice Dog.
3rdStoneglad Rocket man of Benzak
RESSharbons Special Edition at Amalfies

LIMIT DOG (13) 11 shown - 2 absent

1stMoorbull Captain SunshineL/Fawn Dog With A Very Good Head And Stop, Ear Carriage Correct Giving A Lovely Expression. Good Reach Of Neck Onto Well Laid Shoulders. Good Depth Of Chest, Stoof Full Square.
2ndGraecia Fourex of TorreyabloomL/Fawn With A Dark Eye And Good Stop. Clean Neck Into Good Shoulders And A Strong Back. Moved Well With Handler.
3rdKarismar Simply Red
RESDalbrae Tocatta
VHCHumeston Mister Mysterio

OPEN DOG (9) 8 shown - 1 absent

1stOldwell Adam JagofpeekoGood Sized Fawn Dog, Well Off For Bone But Not Overdone. Clean Head, Dark Eye And Good Ear Carriage, Depth Of Brisket Strong, Level Topline And A Good Bend To Stifle. Well Muscled Legs And Stood Four Squared. Lovely In Profile, It Was My Pleasure To Award Him The CC AND BIS.
2ndBullhar Rumble by FlintstockGood Dog, Dark Eyes And A Good Stop On A Well Balanced Head, Excellent Mouth. Strong Back, Good Angulation And Movement Was Good.
3rdEvenstar Vega
RESInt Ch Bel Ch Fin Ch Ch Copperfield Cicero
VHCFowlerheight Rasto

VETERAN DOG (1)) 1 shown - 0 absent

1stPrueworth Sam Bukka at RicciBrindle With A Good Shape Of Head, Dark Eye, Very Good Mouth And Good Pigmentation, Good Stop. Tight Feet, Good Length Of Tail And He Is Great For His Age.

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (12) 11 shown - 1 absent

1stTorreyabloom Solo StellaLovely Clear Fawn With A Good Shaped Head, Good Bite And A Dark Eye. Good Length Of Back, Correct Tail Carriage And She Moved Well, A Shade Nervous But I Hope She Gets Over It.
2ndDalbrae Spicethyme with GrallonRed Bitch With A Nice Shaped Head, Dark Eye And Very Good Mouth And Pigmentation. Good Length Of Neck, Strong Back And Stood Four Square. Well Presented, One To Watch.
3rdLilley Lou of Flintstock
RESZaviera’s Dazzling Dora
VHCZaviera’s Lily of the Valley

PUPPY BITCH (7) 5 shown - 2 absent

1stKarmicly Fire QueenRed Puppy, Promising Youngster With A Nice Square Outline. Pleasing Head With A Good Colour Eye And Nice Expression. Correct Topline, Good Angulation And A Very Confident And Outgoing Puppy
2ndBramarley Pandora by LanebernFawn Puppy. A Young Bitch With Much To Admire, Well Presented And In Good Condition. Good Head With A Dark Eye, Good Muzzle And Ears. Good Shoulder Onto A Strong Back And Correct Tail Length. Another With A Bold Temperament.
3rdBrynfaw Numero Uno at Jaynos
RESBramarley Paloma of Carothan

JUNIOR BITCH (13) 10 shown - 3 absent

1stChalfs Miss MaceyMost Impressive Brindle Bitch With A Lot To Admire. Beautiful Head With Correct Dark Eye, Very Good Stop And A Good Expression When Alert. Good Reach Of Neck And A Good Front. Short Coupled, Very Balanced And Beautiful In Profile.
2ndHumeston Dia DoraRed Bitch, Full Of Confidence. Good Shape Of Head, Good Mouth And A Dark Eye, Good Ear Carriage, Nice Length Of Neck Onto Strong Back, Well Muscled Loins. Handler And Dog Moved As One.
3rdChalfs Laid Back Ruby
RESStoneglad Solitaire
VHCBunsoro New Moon

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (3) 1 shown - 2 absent

1stCopperfield Miss BuleBrindle Bitch Of Pleasing Type. Dark Eye And Expression. Good Length Of Neck Set In Well Placed Shoulders. Cat Feet. Moved With Drive And At One With Her Handler.

POST GRADUATE BITCH (8) 5 shown - 3 absent

1stArrabel Lady LighteningRed Bitch With A Good Shaped To her Head, Dark Eye And Correct Ear Placement. Pleasing Front And Stood Four Square.
2ndJacmally’s Majic MomentLarge Brindle Bitch With So Much To Like About Her, Excellent Head And Bite With A Dark Eye And Kind Expression. Powerful Back, The Best Of Legs And Feet. It Was A Pleasure To Go Over Her, A Pity She Was A Tad Heavy In Size.
3rdVondabull Siren Lady of Bullmeredith
RESStoneglad Vous le Vous Avec Talbadan

LIMIT BITCH (11) 9 shown - 2 absent

1stMoorbull September MornAll This Was Set Onto Nice Shoulder Placement, Good Depth Of Brisket, Short Back, And Correct Tail Length. Pleasing Body, She Never Stopped Showing Herself Off And It Was A Lovely Profile
2ndFlintstock Lady in RedRed Bitch, But What A Lovely Red. Square Head With A Dark Eye And Pigmentation. Good Reach Of Neck Carried Her Topline Well On The Move. Stood Four Square.
3rdMaskeen Viva Baby Diva Charm
RESDalbrae Rhapsody Dancer
VHCOptimus Chantilly at Patchings

OPEN BITCH (14) 9 shown - 5 absent

1stCh Sundabish Lady La Roux JWVery Pleasing Bitch With A Good Shape To Her Head, Dark Eye And A Nice Bite. Good Shoulders, Correct Topline And Well Sprung Ribs. Moved Correctly And With Drive.
2ndDajoxx Dazzling DivaAnother Quality Bitch With A Lovely Head. Good Front Assembly, Well Off For Bone, Carried Topline Well On The Move And Looked Very Good In Profile.
3rdCh Optimus Charlottte of Oldwell
RESAtlantia Changes at Trebrad JW
VHCCh Jenmore Tutti Fruiti

VETERAN BITCH (6) 6 shown - 0 absent

1stCh Licassa Miss LouiseStill Looks The Part, A Beautiful Bitch, Well Off For Bone And In Good Coat. Moved Well And Enjoyed Her Day.
2ndWyburn Phizz at PatchingsI Would Have Never Thought She Was A Veteran!!! Brindle Bitch With Hardly Any Grey On Her. She Could Put Some Of The Youngest To Shame With Her Excellent Movement. Good Head Shape, Reach Of Neck And A Strong Back. Hope She Goes On For Years!
3rdPrueworth Spice’n Easy at Ricci
RESMurbisa Ebano of Ricci