Judge: Mrs. Cynthia Hughes

75 Dogs, 85 Entries, 44 Absentees

I would like to thank the committee of the British Bullmastiff League for their kind invitation to judge their October Open Show.Also a big thank you to the exhibitor who attended. I really enjoyed the day.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (3) 1 shown - 2 absent

1stRumfitts’ Jomijade Romulus Equinox7 month old. beautiful red dog , still very much a baby but of excellent quality. Head coming along nicely, good length of muzzle. Lovely angulation, good bone and moved out well. In my opinion a very promising puppy and I will be interested to see his progress as he grows on.

PUPPY DOG (8) 5 shown - 3 absent

1stSmiths Rodekes Red Barren at Jalumia. BPIS BIS11 month old red dog. Mature dog for his age with lovely head, excellent mouth, dark eye and correct length of muzzle. Good reach of neck, strong well laid shoulders, lovely bend of stifle, excellent top line also held on the move. A very sound dog. Moved around the ring with such ease for one so young.
2ndMcDonald and Wilson’s Colkevar its Probably meAnother quality puppy. Only 9 month old but quite mature. Pleasing head, good front and nice bend of stifle, well boned, moved well.
3rdGibons’ Jalanath Flashman
RESThomas’ Newchurch Leo at Ceetee
VHCCayman’s Bullhar Rascal at Neworld

JUNIOR DOG (6) 2 shown - 4 absent

1stFowlers Taurleone Ragolamento. RBD14 month old clear fawn dog. Lovely mature head with good mouth, good stop and dark eyes. Broad chest with plenty of depth. Good hind angulation and moved well once settled
2ndWilliams’ Zaphino GlyathLovely red dog just out of puppy. Nice head with good length of muzzle, well boned with impressive front, conformation was very good, on the day didn’t move as well as 1st. Bit of a rebellious teenager :o)

YEARLING DOG (2) 1 shown - 1 absent

1stAston’s Evenstar Legion at Astonpride17 month old dog. Mature dog with lovely head. Good bone, would have preferred more depth of chest. Moved well

MAIDEN DOG (1) 0 shown - 1 absent

NOVICE DOG (1) 1 shown - 0 absent

1stFowler’s Taurleone RagolamentoSee Above

GRADUATE DOG Dog (3) 2 shown - 1 absent

1stTalbots Flintstock Easy Does it For TalbadanLovely young Brindle dog. Plenty of substance and well up to size. Nice head, good mouth, plenty of bone. A pleasing picture when stacked
2ndCallaghan’s Joybull Pinball Wizard by Ferdhu.Very little to choose between the two. Good head, overall a quality dog.

LIMIT DOG Dog (5) 2 shown - 3 absent

1stWhites Murbisa Rocky of AllwatchaLovely brindle dog. Strong head, good mouth, dark eye. Broad chest with nice depth of brisket, good bone, Moved very well.
2ndThomas’ Atlantia Qoebus Shadow at CeeteeBig Red dog with substantial bone. Beautiful colour and well up to size.

OPEN DOG (4) 0 shown - 4 absent

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (7) 5 shown - 2 absent

1stNesbitt & Scott’s Graecia AvaraStunning 7 months red bitch. Head coming along nicely and has good length of muzzle, good stop and dark eye. Lovely straight front for a puppy so young, good turn of stifle. Excellent body and moved very well. Very sound bitch. Quite a showgirl who was certainly enjoying her day.
2ndBaines’ Graecia SierraAnother beautiful bitch, litter sister to 1st and 3rd. More mature head than 1st and different type but still a quality puppy. Lovely body and pleasing to the eye when stacked but didn’t move as well as 1st on the day.
3rdPrestons Graecia Pasadena
RESSloan’s Pudseys Princess
VHCRumfitts Jomijade Ramola of Venus

PUPPY BITCH (7) 5 shown - 2 absent

1stMyers’ Optimus Camella BPB11 months old Fawn bitch of excellent quality. Appealing head maturing nicely. Lovely pigmentation, good mouth, lovely straight front, broad chest, deep brisket and nice tuck, pleasing angulation. Moved well.
2ndSmith’s Jalanath BridgetBeautiful puppy bitch 10 months old. Lovely head that is maturing well, excellent mouth and good length of muzzle, Broad front with good depth of brisket, good bend of stifle. Overall another lovely puppy. Moved well.
3rdWade’s Optimus Chantily at Patching
RESPreston’s Graecia Pasadena
VHCRumfitt’s Jomijade Ramona of Venus

JUNIOR BITCH (12) 4 shown - 8 absent

1stMorgan’s Jenmore Tutti Fruiti.BB & RBISI loved this bitch. Beautiful 13 months old red bitch. Very strong head with good mouth, and nice length of muzzle, exc stop and well filled cheeks. Broad front and lovely depth of brisket, her good bend of stifle and tuck completed the picture. Moved well, presented well and shown well. A promising prospect for the future!
2ndAnother excellent quality bitch. Head coming along nicely, good reach of neck, Lovely straight front, exc angulation and moved well.
3rdFowler’s Taurleone Talento
RESWilliams’ Flintstock Lady in Red

YEARLING BITCH (5) 1 shown - 4 absent

1stGeenwoods Forevergreen Lucky StarNice clear fawn, 13 months old but well up to size, Moved well.

MAIDEN BITCH (1) 1 shown - 0 absent

1stRumfitt’s Jomijade Ramona of VenusA pretty bitch just a baby.of 8 months. Came 5th in MPB but moved better in this class.

NOVICE BITCH (2) 1 shown - 1 absent

1stWade’s Optimus Chantilly at PatchingsVery nice young bitch who was full of herself, a real character. Good size and well bodied, l ovely head which is quite mature. Moved quite well. A bit of a handful :o)

GRADUATE BITCH (6) 2 shown - 4 absent

1stMcDonal & Wilson’s Robangie Gemini at ColkavarBeautiful quality clear fawn bitch. Lovely head with good pigmentation, good mouth , exc stop, Overall well constructed bitch with good front & bend of stifle. Moved quite well.
2ndAston’s Kenmilltri Tanagra at AstonprideNice Red Bitch, pretty face, dark eye, not as well covered as 1st.

LIMIT BITCH (4) 2 shown - 2 absent

1stGibbons’ Dajoxx Dazzling DivaBeautiful red bitch of excellent quality. Lovely head with correct length of muzzle, dark eye and alert expression. Elegant neck, sound body and moved well.
2ndWyburn SurpriseVery similar type to 1st with all the same good qualities. Not quite as lean as 1st. Moved out well.

OPEN BITCH (6) 1 shown - 5 absent

1stProcters Zaphino Tilly. RBBI have always admired this bitch from the outside of the ring and I was not disappointed when I went over her. Beautiful head with body to match. Lovely conformation which enabled her to move out well. Good coloration, red through and through. Very sound bitch. A real show girl.