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77 Dogs, 81 Entries, 34 Absentees

I would like to say it is an honour and a privilege to judge any breed club show, but being my first in Bullmastiff’s and the fact that it was The British Bullmastiff League, it will always be a special one to judge for me. I thoroughly enjoyed myself on the day with some cracking dogs coming straight from the top draw. My B.I.S & Res B.I.S. & B.O.S. were litter brother and sister making the perfect brace, true to type with strength, elegance and balance. As usual my wife and my self were made more than welcome on arrival and looked after very well through out the day. It is always nice to have stewards who you know and have served with on committee in the ring with you. It make’s your judging a lot easier with a smooth running show, so thank you for your help on the day. My junior classes were full of exhibits of outstanding quality and type. I would like to thank all exhibitor for there entries and taking there placing sportingly. The venue was excellent giving the dogs plenty of room to stride out in the ring, I would also like to wish the club, officers and committee all the very best for the future.

MINOR PUPPY DOG (4) 1 shown - 3 absent

1stDAJOXX WACKA WOOA very promising red youngster with ample bone and substance for his age, pleasing head and expression, good ears and dark eyes, good width of chest well ribbed, good angulations, moved around the ring with ease keeping a level top-line, pleased to award him B.P. & B.P.I.S.

PUPPY DOG (1) 1 shown - 0 absent

1stTALBADAN SCOTTY TOO HOTTYLovely brindle with good pigmentation, good proportioned head with well placed ears and dark eyes giving that keen expression, well placed shoulder leading into a straight front, short back, moved well.

JUNIOR DOG (9) 8 shown - 1 absent

1stZAVIERA’S HEARTBREAK KIDA good red dog that is maturing nicely, handler could not get the best from this dog with a little ring-craft the dog would look much better, but I was hear today to judge dogs and not the handling, he won a good class, head square with good expression and well filled cheeks, well muscled neck and good front, well upon his toes, well balanced dog with good angles, moved well once settled, Res Best Dog
2ndJESSYJACKS BO SELECTAA fawn dog that’s nicely balanced but just not as mature as the first placing, pleasing head shape with good reach of neck, well placed shoulders, quarters just starting to thicken, moved with ease
RESRicci Westwood Ranger
VHCCarreg Lord Cennen

SPECIAL YEARLING DOG (5) 3 shown - 2 absent

1stFLINTSTOCK BEAUXSONAn impressive fawn dog when stood, well balanced and of good type, clean in head with nice expression, well placed ears and dark eyes, good pigmentation, straight front tight feet, short coupled and in good condition, moved keeping a level top-line.
2ndWYBURN WING COMMANDER AT PATCHINGSBrindle dog that gave its handler a hard time, liked this dog good all-round hard condition just not the top-line of the first place.

POST GRADUATE DOG (4) 2 shown - 2 absent

1stJOMIJADE ROMULUS EQUINOXPowerful red dog of good type with plenty of bone and substance, pleasing head shape, straight front, well ribbed, in hard condition, moved Ok when I could make out who was walking who.
2ndJBZEE REDI-TO-GO AT RICCIDeep red dog, not the bone and substance as the first, moved and presented well.

LIMIT DOG Dog (4) 0 shown - 4 absent

OPEN DOG (8) 6 shown - 2 absent

1stLICASSA CAPTIAN ARCHEMBEAU J.W., ShCMA very good class of dogs, this fawn dog oozes quality and type, clean strong square head, cheeks well filled with cracking expression, well placed ears, dark eyes and rims, good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders, straight front with great pasterns and feet, chest wide and deep, short coupled with good second thigh’s, put down in first class condition, moved a round the ring with ease keeping a level top-line, pleased to award him B/D & B.I.S.
2ndGRAECIA FOUREX AT TORREYBLOOMAnother good dog with plenty to like about him, well of for bone and substance, good in front well ribbed, just proffered the overall balance of my first placing.
RESJbzee Roccofella
VHCMurbisa Rocky of Allwatcha

VETERAN DOG (0) 0 shown - 0 absent

MINOR PUPPY BITCH (9) 3 shown - 6 absent

1stJOYBULL SCENT FROM HEAVENNice type of fawn bitch but would have like to seen a little less breaching around the face and neck, sound well made puppy with pleasing head shape, good ears and eyes, well off for bone and substance for such a youngster, moved well.
2ndCOPPERFIELD LADY BARNACLEA very young looking minor puppy, good out-lines and compact for her age, moved well.

PUPPY BITCH (10) 8 shown - 2 absent

1stJOYBULL JUST SO AT ZAVIERAA lovely class of youngsters, she was entered in the wrong class and still won it, one I kept coming back to well balanced and flowed around the ring with ease, good out-lines and clean with it, pleased to award her B.P.B.
2ndCOXELLOT TINA TURNER AT MAGNAFORTISGood head and expression, dark eyes, well bodied and in good condition, moved well, 2 nice puppies.
3rdTalbadan Copper at Zanshin
RESTalbadan Wotch Me Now
VHCWillbullstaff Dana Princess

JUNIOR BITCH (10) 9 shown - 1 absent

1stHYERDUNSCAR’S PORCHEThis bitch pushed hard for best bitch, a lot to like about her, type and quality, grand head shape, clean and strong, very good in front and feet, well of for bone and substance, short coupled and good quarters, moved very well keeping a level top-line, in good condition, Res Best Bitch.
2ndLILLEY LOU OF FLINTSTOCKA very promising youngster, just gone into junior but still held her own in a strong class, very good in type and a picture of overall balance, typical head shape, best of fronts short coupled, moved with ease, only maturity today but one that will trouble the best in the future.
3rdDajoxx Ooh La La
RESTorreybloom Solo Stella
VHCBramarely Pandora by Lanebern

SPECIAL YEARLING BITCH (4) 3 shown - 1 absent

1stJENMORE SUGAR AND SPICE AT MAGNAFORTISA nice bitch that’s just had a phantom, but she seriously needs to shed some weight, pleasing head shape, well placed ears and eyes, well bodied and moved well.
2ndJENMORE SUGAR CRYSTAL OF ALLWATCHAAnother bitch with a phantom, very much the same attributes as my first placing.

POST GRADUATE BITCH (2) 0 shown - 2 absent

LIMIT BITCH (7) 2 shown - 5 absent

1stCOJOVAN LILY OF CLEE AT CARMINWAYA fawn bitch with good head and expression, nice pigmentation, dark eyes and good ear placement. Well bodied and move well.
2ndSTONEGLAD SOLITAIRERed bitch with plenty of bone and substance, good head shape, well set ears and eyes, straight front, short coupled, moved well.

OPEN BITCH (4) 2 shown - 2 absent

1stLICASSA GOLDEN GRACE J.W.A fawn bitch with good pigmentation that is straight out the top draw, strong yet feminine, oozes quality and type, beautiful head shape, strong and square, well filled, great ear and eye placement, muscular neck, good shoulders and great front and feet, no weakness, chest wide and deep, short coupled, well muscled thighs, went effortlessly around the ring keeping a level top-line on the move, in first class condition, pleased to award her B.B. Res B.I.S. & B.O.S. push hard against her litter brother for top honour, on another day it could easily be reversed.
2ndATLANTIA NAOMIBrindle that is seven year old and still looks in good condition, good head shape, well placed ears and dark eyes, well of for bone, done everything the owner asked of her, moved well. Judge

VETERAN BITCH (0) 0 shown - 0 absent